Upcoming New Years' Trip

27 December 2006
Joe and I will be going out to Randsburg and the desert thereabouts for the annual New Years' get-together with his family. I've been scouring the interweb for fishing opportunities nearby. Best prospects seem to be:

Upper Kern River

Golden Trout Wilderness
Accessible by 395 > 9 Mile Rd
Lures only with barbless hooks
Two-trout limit
Last Sat in April - Nov 15 (meaning it's closed for us at New Years, but for future reference...)

South Sierra Wilderness area
Accessible 395 > Kennedy Meadows > 9 Mile Cyn Rd (J41)
Elevation est. 6100-12,123 at Olancha Peak
Standard fishing reg.

Monache Meadows & South Fork Kern
Accessible by Monache Jeep Rd
Begins @ Powell Meadow on Rd 21S36 and ends @ Bakersoven Meadow
Standard fishing reg.

I'm having a great deal of difficulty finding a comprehensible map of the area. I may just have to find a paper map.

Possible sites:
Along Grapevine Cyn Rd
Along Indian Wells Cyn Rd

If we go into Ridgecrest I'll ask around about fishing up in those canyons. Possibly some golden trout? If it's not frozen up there. Who knows.

California, the great.

California's state fish is, of course, the lovely golden trout. O. aguabonita. Agua, meaning water, and bonita, meaning beautiful. Beautiful water.
And a golden trout finning just below the surface certainly does make for beautiful water.
I love California.